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Spoorbrug Dordrecht

Spoorbrug is an architecture icon for Dordrecht. The bridge goes across the Oude Maas river in Dordrecht and is only for transporting trains.

Christmas market in Dordrecht

The Christmas market of Dordrecht is well known in the Netherlands, being the largest and most cheerful Christmas market in the Netherlands, bringing every year curious tourists from all over the country, Belguim and Germany. 

The market takes place between the second and third week of December in the historic streets of Dordrecht, and is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can find the most strange christmas souvenir shops, live music in the streets, artists doing ice sculptures, lots of food and drinks and thousands of people on the way.


Rotterdam is the second most populated city in the Netherlands. Located in the province of South Holland with 595.000 inhabitants and 2.82 million in the peripheries. The Netherlands has one of the highest population densities in the world and the province of South Holland is the most populated in the Netherlands.
Rotterdam is known worldwide for its port, being the largest in Europe and second largest in the world, its modern architecture and the great cultural offer.